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Who is a Candidate?


Who is a candidate?
Anyone in need of a specialty surgical procedure

British Columbia

Seeking Specialty care or Advanced Technology

National healthcare systems as in Canada or Mexico have to restrict access to some advanced technology in order to control cost. Therefore your surgeon might not be able to offer you the level of care you might be seeking.

Global MedChoices and its surgeon' partners are able to match your healthcare needs with advanced technology.



Having high deductibles or no insurance

Healthcare cost is increasingly expensive. In addition, pre existing conditions, high deductibles and out-of-pocket limits or simply lack of insurance may make it hard for you to access the quality of care you desire.

Global MedChoices offers high quality specialty surgical care packages at affordable prices.



On a waiting list and interested in quicker access to better care

Healthcare in Canada is free however as a Canadian patient, you might be waiting in line with many others to receive care and it s not your surgeon’s fault.

Global MedChoices partners with Canadian surgeons who will travel with you and follow up on your care at home.



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