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Satisfied and Relieved Patients

  • Probably the most noticeable aspect of the care I received from the staff at the hospital, the surgeons, anesthetist and the folks from Global MedChoices, is their successful efforts at creating a family atmosphere where everyone supports each other through a potentially trying time. The professionalism of the facility, its managers, its employees and even its hospital food is exemplary and impressive. Any trepidation I had about going through an unfamiliar health system and process has been mollified and reassured by each person I came into contact with. I am looking forward to getting my function back, to getting my life back.

    By - Ken from Calgary, Hip Patient
  • Calling Global MedChoices was the best decision I could have made. I have been waiting for almost 2 years in Calgary trying to see a surgeon that could help me with my shoulder. I called Global Med and within 2 weeks I was in the Turks and Caicos at a world class facility with my world class Calgary surgeon Dr Lo. The hospital staff were exceptional and the beautiful island has made this recovery wonderful. having someone look after all of the transportation, accommodation and meals has make recovery and comfort my only priority.

    By - Lisa from Calgary, Shoulder Patient
  • Global MedChoices turned despair to hope. Considering my age and the extensive damage, I couldn’t risk a lot of waiting time, at least six to eight months in Canada. My shoulder pain and mobility were progressively worsening until I ‘d have very little capacity at all and irreparable damage. With our surgeon, Dr. Ian Lo and the Global Med team, there was hope that I would have enough strength and mobility to golf again, to lift up my grandchildren and to enjoy an active retirement. We couldn’t have been in better hands if the physicians and patient advocates with Global MedChoices had been our own family.
    By - Don from Calgary, Shoulder Patient
  • We both agree that each individual on the Global MedChoices team showed genuine concern, instilled confidence and provided competent care. You have our heart-felt thanks and wishes for God’s blessings.
    By - BJ from Calgary, Shoulder Patient's spouse
  • Global MedChoices Healthcare Technology & Health Services - Knee replacement patientTravel was very easy to and from TCI, the staff from the US was obviously the best and the staff in the hospital was very professional, caring and provided everything i needed. The hospital was new and modern by US standards.

    I had to come back early but wish i could have stayed longer.

    By - B, knee replacement patient
  • By - N.J. – 3 months post op TKA
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