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Meet Your Patient AdvocateStep 1: Meet Your Patient Advocate

We know that each patient's need are as individualized as the patient. Our goal is to understand your situation and how we can best accommodate your needs. Along with you, our trained Patient Advocate we coordinate your care, in cooperation with your surgeon, in order to determine how we can accomodate your medical needs while providing you an extra layer of support and assistance through the process.

Meet With Your SurgeonStep 2: Meet With Your Surgeon

If you are going to travel to receive the best care, we believe the best surgeons should travel too. Unique to our program, you get to choose from the best of the best. Once chosen, your physician will review your file and schedule a conference with you to get to know you better. Only after you are comfortable with your physician will we schedule your surgery.

Plan Your SurgeryStep 3: Plan Your Surgery

Your Patient Advocate will customize and coordinate all of your travel arrangements, compile your medical information and provide you with any educational material specific to your surgery. Your preparation for surgery will include pre-operative testing appointments and a pre-determined schedule for your follow up care after returning home from surgery.

The Surgery & Hospital StayStep 4: The Surgery & Hospital Stay

Once on island, your Patient Advocate and your Surgeon will spend time with you to go over your surgery. You will tour the facility, meet the hospital staff, and then your surgeon will perform your surgery. You will stay in the hospital and receive in-patient physical therapy after your procedure.

Hotel & Care on the IslandStep 5: Hotel & Care on the Island

Upon discharge from the hospital, your Patient Advocate will take you back to your hotel. You will receive Physical Therapy treatment and your surgeon will visit you once a day. A dedicated nurse is available . You can remain active, walk on the beach, relax by the pool or ask your Patient Advocate to tour the island. Local meals will be served to you daily. After seven days, you should be ready to fly home or you can opt to extend your stay.

Continuum of CareStep 6: Continuum of Care

You will enjoy priority seating and customs entry support at the airport and on the plane. Your Patient Advocate will stay in touch with you via phone and through the digital patient portal and ask you to send pictures and progress notes. You will have a schedule of appointments for physical therapy. We will track your progress for a minimum of three years.

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