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About Us

The Company

Global MedChoices is a healthcare technology and health services company formed to help surgeons, providers, patients, and payers address growing concerns over the cost, accessibility, quality, affordability, and safety of care.

Global MedChoices brings together the surgeon, the hospital, the hospitality team and the patient to provide affordable, safe, and quality healthcare services in a relaxing destination location.

In fact, we are much more than a medical tourism company. We offer a variety of orthopedic and spine procedures performed by the best surgeons in the field with pre-and post-op care on site and at home. And while we manage your entire trip from airline travel to exclusive hotel accommodations on the tourism end, we also manage your continuum of care.

Global MedChoices is changing how healthcare is delivered. Now there is a choice for affordable, excellence of care.

Our Mission

To improve overall healthcare Access, Quality, Costs, and Safety

  • By providing better access to advanced technologies and techniques
  • By standardizing delivery, monitoring, and purchasing systems
  • By measuring and optimizing provider, payer, and patient outcomes across the healthcare continuum
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